Summer Sonnets at the Pah

(January 2017, Auckland, New Zealand)

IAE actors Francesca Savige and Natalie Beran led a select group of Auckland based actors and audience as they wandered through the gorgeous sculpture gardens and galleries of Pah Homestead Arts Centre, a promenade of summer Shakespeare sonnets and scenes, art, sparkling wine, wit and delectable dessert.

With sunset views over Monte Cecilia Park, the audience were treated to a drink whilst listening to some of Shakespeare’s most famous and most beautiful sonnets and scenes. Shakespeare’s sweet words and sweet summer air went perfectly of course with sweet dessert from Homestead Café.

Future promenade performances are being scheduled around the globe with our IAE actors.

Cast: IAE Company

Francesca Savige (Australia)

Francesca Savige

Natalie Beran (New Zealand)

Guest Company: 

Aaron Richardson, Anya Banerjee, Maxine Cunliffe, Scott Sheridan, Damien Avery, music by Cally Castell

View programme: Summer Sonnets at the Pah

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